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Absolute Black

Absolute Black is passionate about every step of their product production cycle. It starts from material sourcing where they only pick the very best aluminum alloy they can find for their chainrings. Such selection makes their products stronger and more durable from the very beginning. They use cutting-edge 3D CAD software that give them the freedom to create beautiful yet remarkably rugged parts that are made to last.

Their attention to detail is showing in every single path of CNC tools that carve the final product. Cooperation with the best anodizing plant in Europe deliver not only excellent anodizing finish, but they also care about environmental responsibility. 

Absolute Black maintains full control of every single step from designing through production to final product. Even their packaging and labels are designed by them and are made by local producer.

They continually refine all of their parts until they're satisfied that they are at its best – and they provide them to you at a competitive price.

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