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The originators of EVOC have been venturing to every part of the globe together for a considerable length of time before EVOC even existed. Continuously looking for the best trail or the most rad descent – and consistently needing sacks and knapsacks that would persevere through this perpetual strain and still offer the necessary features. Regardless of whether they are cycling Himalaya to Mt Everest, snowboarding in the Arctic Circle or riding wilderness downhills in Cambodia – there was never an absence of good trails or gnarly powder lines. There was an issue be that as it may. The packs that they utilized never entirely satisfied their needs. This implied they'd have to make the bagss themselves. Their adoration for cycling and voyaging, joined with long stretches of involvement with backpacks and pack improvement, was focused directly on product improvement.

At first they made packs for their own needs, however afterwards they made them for riding buddies. They got some extraordinary criticism and every single required change and modification was immediately translated into the product. This implied the nature of the items was continually expanding while the interest was expanding too. They at long last arrived at a point where the interest turned out to be extraordinary to the point that they realized the time had come to give their venture a name. After all the hard work and perseverance, EVOC was conceived and the idea transformed into an organization.

The standards of EVOC items and products stay unaltered: high caliber, brilliant detail and refined excellence for the many uses. EVOC quality is continually being tried and refined. A group of decided experts invests heavily in pushing all EVOC products to the limits. Moreover, the organization main originators continue to venture out to the far corners of the planet; testing, approving and have been dedicated to continually ensuring that the EVOC name is synonymous with greatest, luxury, sophisticated travel protection.


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