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Warranty Disclaimer

Villain warrants the quality of our products only. The application and processing of Villain products is beyond our control and therefore is the sole responsibility of the user and or dealer. Due to varying procedures and conditions, Villain’s written or verbal instructions are based on experience with our products and we strongly recommend thorough inspection and testing of the product prior to actual use.

In the event of a defective product claim, Villain requires that samples showing the defect be submitted for inspection and testing to verify the alleged claim. This may be done on site through the use of Villain personnel or agents under contract with Villain by actual samples submitted to Villain. In the event of confirmation that the status of the material in question is in fact defective, Villain warrants the replacement value of the Villain materials only. Villain liability will not exceed the value of the Villain material involved. Villain is not responsible for any consequential damages.

Shipping Damage

In the event of shipping damage the customer invoiced is responsible for documenting the damage on their receiving documents prior to placing a claim with Villain. This documentation must be supplied to Villain to complete any shipping claim placed with Villain. Once the claim is verified by the shipping carrier Villain will issue credit.

Discrepancies on order Acknowledgements

It is strongly recommended that the customer verify within 24 hours pricing, products and shipping method confirmed on all orders via the order acknowledgement.

Order Cancellations

Villain will accept order cancellations for distributor stock materials up to 24 hours prior to shipment. Villain will not accept any order cancellation for non stock or custom products unless notification occurs to Villain within 24 hours of order placement. If raw materials or production have been started on any custom product no cancellations will be allowed.

Discrepancies on packing lists

Any discrepancy resulting in a request for credit and or replacement must be reported within three working days of receipt by the customer and verified by Villain. Villain does not ship any no- charge replacement materials. In the event of a replacement the materials will be processed and billed as a new order with credit against the original invoiced order completed to correct the original order.


Villain does not accept returns of any bikes, e-bikes, non stock or custom produced materials. Villain will not accept any material older than one year from the actual ship date of the material regardless of its condition. In the event of a customer wishing to return stock materials less than 30 days old which are not considered defective products by Villain there will be a 25% restocking charge deducted from the credit and the returning entity must pay all freight charges. In addition the returning entity is response for packaging and shipment of said return to ensure the materials are received in good condition by Villain upon return. Villain does not accept Villain will not accept any returned goods without an RMA (Returned Material Authorization).

Defective Materials

Materials deemed to be defective by the customer must be inspected by either Villain through samples supplied by the customer or on site inspection by an Villain employee, or by an agent under contract by Villain. Upon inspection it will be determined to either substantiate the defective claim or deny the claim, if the claim is substantiated then an RMA may be issued in which the customer will be instructed to destroy the material in the field or returned to Villain at Villain’s expense. Credit for return material will be done within 30 days of receipt by Villain and are subject to the condition of the material when received at Villain. Villain’s liability is limited to the replacement cost of the original invoiced materials only.